Who is Margaux?

Margaux Partyservice & Catering is represented by Margot and Hans.

When I was 14, I had my first job in the hospitality industry. During my hospitality studies, I worked part-time in the party catering sector. After doing my internship in Canada I realised what I liked to do most in my work: party catering! With my enthusiasm and passion for the hospitality industry together with the experience and knowledge of Hans, we professionally deliver a guaranteed successful event!

Margot den Breejen

When I was a little boy I helped my father out in his catering company: sorting bottles, helping with the mise-en-place etc. etc. After working for several companies, I decided to put my own ideas into practice. With my experience, in combination with Margot’s passion for the hospitality industry, we are able to turn every event into a successful event!

Hans Linschooten