What does Margaux offer?

Margaux has a wide range of catering concepts. Click on the options below to find out what Margaux has to offer.


It cannot get any fresher than this! Different types of food is prepared in front of the guests: from à la minute smoked salmon to delicious paella prepared in our large pans. Does one of your guests have special dietary requirements? No problem! Everything can be adjusted to meet the wishes of you and your guests.

The interaction between your guests and our team of staff creates a dynamic of its own. Our chef happily reveals how to prepare the served dishes. He does not have any secrets. On request, he even shares his recipes!



In order to give your event a special touch, Margaux likes to introduce guests to food from all over the world. For example, Egyptian falafel and Ghanaian akara, mini spring rolls from Vietnam and siu-mai from China. For your buffet we like to grill Australian kangaroo steak, smoke a Scottish salmon, deep-fry corn cookies from Indonesia or bake Indian naan bread served with various sauces such as tandoori, mint and korma.

Naturally, everything can be tailored just for you.

And… everything is prepared à la minute!



You only get one chance to celebrate the opening of your brand new company. Therefore, it is important to create a memorable experience. To encourage this, Margaux believes in adding a personal touch. Imagine staff dressed in your preferred decoration colours or bites printed with your company’s logo.

Whether it is a simple salmon on toast or a luxurious tuna tartar, we serve it all!




High level culinary dishes in an informal setting. Quality and conviviality are the key words for our Walking-dinners. Enjoy your food while socializing with your guests, as every dish can be consumed while standing. Margaux offers many types of Walking-Dinner dishes.

Too many to list them all… Nevertheless, below we attempted to create a list where you can find various dishes (because we are secretly very proud of them).

Example dishes Walking-Dinner:

Standard Walking-Dinner
Side plate with smoked salmon and horseradish cream
Side plate with gravid-lax and a dill sauce
Side plate with tuna sashimi and wasabi mayonnaise Prawn cocktail served in a glass

Side plate with two carpaccio rolls
Side plate with vitello tonnato on toast
Side plate with game pate and cranberry sauce, on toast
Side plate with duck liver flambéed with sugar, on toast
Chicken-curry cocktail served in a glass

Side plate with skin fried sea bass and white wine sauce, Salicornia and a potato salad
Side plate with two crab croquettes, a tomato salad and risotto
Side plate with scallops wrapped in bacon served with risotto
Mini fish stew with mashed potatoes
Side plate with a shrimp skewer and lobster sauce

Side plate with goat cheese wrapped in bacon served with a honey-walnut dressing on a bed of lettuce
Side plate with chicken-curry croquettes, cucumber salad and risotto
Boeuf stroganoff with mashed potatoes
Side plate with two racks of lamb served with mint sauce and rösti
Side plate with slow cooked pork served with red onion cream and fried pommes parisiennes

Side plate with two vegetable croquettes, risotto and a cucumber/tomato salad
A bowl with garlic/cream mushrooms served with toast
Side plate with mushroom ravioli

Dessert buffet:
Fresh fruit salad
Chocolate bavaroise
Red fruit bavaroise
Puffed pastry filled with whipped cream

Deluxe Walking-Dinner

Beef tataki with furikake and garlic crisps
Two steamed monofuku buns with crispy pork belly, hoisin sauce, sour cucumber and sriracha
Crêpe with roasted duck, charsui sauce and spring onions
Vitello tonnato (veal entrecote) with tuna mayonnaise, rocket and capers Two carpaccio bonbons with rocket, parmesan cheese served with a truffle dressing
Three risotto bitterballen with pesto mayonnaise and deep fried rocket
Two duck liver bonbons dipped in white chocolate with pine nut crumble Chicken thigh skewers served with yakitori sauce

Watermelon carpaccio with feta cheese, balsamico and furikake
Sweet fries with truffle mayonnaise
Grilled halloumi (Greek cheese) with a mango chutney
Portobello with goat cheese, honey and walnuts

Tartar made of tuna in caviar served with tobiko and crème fraiche
Prawn cocktail served in an iceberg leaf
Lobster carpaccio
Two scallops with chorizo crisps served on a blini (mini pancake) and lettuce
Sushi taco with nori rice, grilled advocado, tuna, togarashi mayo and wakame
Sockeye salmon sashimi served with a light miso mayonnaise
Gamba agillio with brioche toast
A polenta petit-four with a fresh snow crab salad

Black sesame icecream with starfruit
Strawberry pastry with sabayonne and black pepper
Pavlova with amaretto cream, mascarpone and red fruit
Gin-tonic sponge cake with a white chocolate cream